Roller Bearings Catalog

Roller Bearing Catalog from AST BearingsAST Bearings' comprehensive roller bearing catalog contains detailed specifications and 3D CAD models for 2,794 different roller bearings in 7 categories.  The online roller bearing catalog is simply organized by roller bearing types including:

CAD Drawing of a Spherical Roller Bearing from AST Bearings

AST’s Roller Bearing Catalog Features:

  • Always up-to-date – no obsolete printed catalog data
  • Printer-friendly Product Data Sheets
  • Interactive viewing of 3D CAD models by using 3D PDF files  (free Adobe® Reader® 9 or later software is required to view 3D PDF files).
  • High quality CAD files are downloadable in 18 different file formats compatible with virtually every CAD program
  • 2D schematic drawings for every product
  • Downloaded CAD files have part number integrated in the file name
  • Catalog Search Capability (part number, attribute, note, keyword, etc.)
  • Product parametric filtering including attribute filters, range search, and attribute sort
  • RFQ Cart (RFQ generator)

Easily Find the Right Roller Bearing Model

Finding the right Roller Bearing model in our catalog is easy and can be done several ways:

  1. Use the “Search catalog here...” field to find exactly the product model you are looking for or just one of the parameters/specifications.
  2. Go directly to the index of the online catalog and use the graphical user interface to drill down to the type of product you are looking for.
  3. Within the online catalog, use parametric search, filtering, and sorting to find the model that meets your exact specifications.

AST Bearings' Online CatalogOther Bearing Catalogs Available Online

Besides our online Roller Bearing Catalog, other online bearing catalogs are also available.  In total, AST Bearings has over 10,000 bearing products in its online catalogs.  Other bearing catalogs include:

Roller Bearing Catalog Online

Click here to go to our interactive online roller bearings catalog including full specifications and free 3D CAD model downloads.

Roller Bearing Catalog & CAD Libraryball bearing catalog

AST Bearings is proudly presenting our new certificates for both the NJ and CA locations: AST Bearings’ ISO 9001:2015 Certificates

To learn more about what the ISO 9001 standard is, the differences between the 2015 and 2008 versions, and how AST verifies customer satisfaction: Learn About AST Bearings’ certification to ISO 9001:2015

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