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AST® Featured in Power Transmission Engineering

AST® Featured in Power Transmission Engineering

Pumps and compressors are ubiquitous in industrial settings. These machines can be found anywhere there is a need to transport liquids or circulate or compress gasses. Manufacturing, chemical processing, food and beverage, construction, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and power generation industries all employ the use of turbomachinery. Reliability and minimizing downtime are critical in these applications. Ball bearings are integral to the operation of pumps and compressors and must be able to withstand moderate to heavy loading and harsh operating environments. 

To ensure reliable and efficient operation, correct bearing selection is an essential step in the design process of turbomachinery. Once the bearing loads are understood, the basic bearing life is calculated and then adjusted if necessary. This adjusted life is then compared to the desired design life to determine if the bearing is suitable for the application. Additional specifications including shaft and housing fits, bearing material, and lubrication also need to be determined. 

In a recent article for Power Transmission Engineering, AST Bearings explores these important bearing design elements. 

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AST Featured in Power Transmission Engineering