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Quick Fact Sheet for Wholesale Bearing Relubrication Services

Quick Fact Sheet for Wholesale Bearing Relubrication Services

1. Contact email for RFQ:

[email protected]

2. Contact phone numbers for RFQ:  (depending on geography):

  1. NJ Sales Office:
    (973) 335-2230 
  2. California Sales Office:
    (949) 951-0221  local
    (800) 227-8786  toll free

3. Certifications & Compliance:

AST can supply a certificate of conformance for the bearings we re-lubricate for the type of lubricant and the amount applied.  AST can also mark the packaging and certification with the date of lubrication so customers can determine when to use the bearings based on their particular shelf life requirements.  AST also maintains a lubricant control program that is certified to ISO 9001:2015 with regards to both shelf life and lot control.

4. Turn-Around Times

  1. Non-rush turn-around time promise:  depending on quantity, typically 3-5 business days
  2. Rush turn-around time:  depending on quantity, typically one day

5. RFQ Required Information:

  1. Type/Description of Bearing
  2. Size of Bearing
  3. Desired lubricant
  4. Amount of lubricant
  5. Current packaging
  6. Closure type
  7. Retainer type
  8. Current lubricant in bearing
  9. Type of packaging and marking required

6. FAQs about Bearing Relubrication:

a)  What types of bearings can AST re-lubricate?

AST can re-lubricate all types of rolling element bearings, including, ball, roller, needle, tapered roller, and even linear bearings.

b)  What if the bearings have shields or seals, can they still be re-lubricated

Yes, AST has special process for these types of bearings.  In addition, closures can be removed for cleaning and re-installed after the lubricant is injected in the bearing.

c)  Are there lubricants that cannot be cleaned or washed out of a bearing?

Yes, AST will not clean any silicone based oil or grease out of bearings. Silicones leave residues behind and can permanently contaminate our equipment. AST can clean PFPE greases, but these require the use of a special solvent for cleaning that is very expensive.

d)  How long can a bearing be stored before it is used?

The shelf life of a bearing that is packaged and stored properly depends primarily upon the lubricant that is in the bearing. Most lubricants today are quite stable, but in general after 24 months of storage, the grease should be examined to determine if re-lubrication is required. In Military, Aerospace, Aviation and medical applications the shelf life is often dictated by specifications and these dates must be adhered to.

e)  Are there special lubricants for certain applications?

Yes. There are a wide variety of lubricants available today for high and low temperature, vacuum, food grade, high speed, and radiation just to name a few. AST’s engineer can help you select a lubricant.

f)  How important is the amount of lubricant in the bearing?

The amount of lubricant can be critical to the bearing working properly in a given application. AST has specially designed dispensing equipment that can control the amount within fractions of a milligram.

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