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KBC Bearings Full Line Catalog

KBC Bearings Catalog CoverKBC Bearings full-line catalog is 244 pages and is broken down into fully index sections to quickly access the information you are looking for. There are two main sections to the KBC catalog - general KBC bearing topics and the dimensional product information.  The first 135 pages cover the following general bearing topics:

General KBC Bearing Catalog Information

1. KBC Bearing Types
1-1 Sliding Bearing and Rolling Bearing
1-2 Classification of bearings
2. KBC Selection of Bearings
2-1 Description
2-2 Selection of Bearing Type
2-3 Bearing Arrangements
3. KBC Rated Load and Bearing Life
3-1 Bearing Life
3-2 Basic Rating Life and Dynamic Load Rating
3-3 Adjusted Rating Life
3-4 Operating Machine and Required Life
3-5 Basic Static Load Rating
3-6 Permissible Static Equivalent Load
4. KBC Calculation of Bearing Load
4-1 Load Applied to Shaft
4-2 Average Load
4-3 Equivalent Load
5. KBC Permissible Bearing Speed
5-1 Correction of Permissible Speed
5-2 Permissible Speed for Bearings with Rubber Contact Seal
6. KBC Boundary Dimensions and Designated Numbering System
6-1 Selection of Dimensions
6-2 Boundary Dimensions
6-3 Designated Numbering System
7. KBC Dimensional and Running Accuracy of Bearings
7-1 Specification of Tolerance Classes
7-2 Definition of Dimensional and Running Accuracy
8. KBC Fits
8-1 Importance of Correct Fits
8-2 Selection of Fits
8-3 Calculation of Fitting Tolerances
8-4 Recommended Fits
9. KBC Bearing Clearance
9-1 Selection of Bearing Internal Clearance
9-2 Bearing Clearance Variations
10. KBC Bearing Preload
10-1 Purpose of Preload
10-2 Methods and Characteristics of Preload
10-3 Preload and Rigidity of Bearing
10-4 Evaluation of Preload
10-5 Controlling of Preload
11. KBC Design of Surrounding Structure
11-1 Precision of Shaft and Housing
11-2 Sealing
12. KBC Lubrication
12-1 Purpose of Lubrication
12-2 Lubrication Methods
12-3 Grease Lubrication
12-4 Oil Lubrication
13. KBC Bearing Material
13-1 Material of Ring and Rolling Element
13-2 Cage Material
14. KBC Handling of Bearings
14-1 Storage Precautions
14-2 Mounting of Bearings
14-3 Bearing Performance Test
14-4 Dismounting of Bearings
14-5 Compression or extraction Forces
15. Damage to Bearings and Preventive Measures
16. KBC Packages

Product Specific KBC Catalog Information

There are 91 pages in KBC's bearing catalog for product specific information.  Each model includes all critical specifications including detailed dimensions, load ratings, maximum RPM, weight, and design standards.  The following products categories are included in KBC's bearing catalog:

  • Deep Grove Ball Bearings
  • Single-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
  • Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
  • Single-Row Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Double-Row Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Needle Roller Bearings
  • Unit Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings
  • Water Pump Bearings
  • Single Direction Solid Clutch Bearings
  • Ceramic Bearings
  • Vacuum Bearings

Download the KBC Bearings' Full Line Catalog

You can easily download the entire KBC bearing catalog below. The link will open up the KBC Product Catalog in a new window. It is a 244-page PDF document with a file size of 2.7 MB. Your download time will vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

KBC Bearings Full Line Catalog

About KBC and AST Bearings

To learn more about KBC Bearings and how to purchase them through AST Bearings, please visit our webpage entitled, "Authorized, Factory-Direct Distributor for KBC Bearings." Together, AST Bearings and KBC Bearings' engineers and technicians will also develop individual system solutions, such as complete ready to fit assembly units.

Request a Quote for KBC Bearings

If you already know what KBC Bearing product you need for your application, please use our convenient RFQ form to request a quote from AST Bearings. As an authorized KBC national stocking distributor in the United States, we may already have the model you are looking for in one of our warehouses. If not, AST can have the RBC factory manufacture bearings for you.

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