ASTEPBW 1224-015 injection molded thermoplastic bushing drawings
  1. This bearing can operate dry or with lubrication.
  2. Please review the technical information on the requirements for the mating shaft.
  3. See the ASTEPB Product information for the available materials.
  4. Recommended fitting tolerance: Housing = H7, Shaft = h9,

ASTEPBW_1224-015 Injection Molded Thermoplastic Series Bushing

Model: ASTEPBW 1224-015

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Product Details

Bearing Type thrust washer
Shaft Dia., Nominal (d) 10.000 mm
Bearing Outside Diameter, Nominal(Do) 24.00 mm
Washer Inside Diameter, Nominal (di) 12 mm
Washer Inside Diameter Tolerance (di tol.) +0.25 / -0.0
Washer Outside Diameter, Nominal (Do) 24 mm
Washer Outside Diameter Tolerance (Do tol.) +0.0 / -0.25
Washer Thickness, Nominal (S3) 2 mm
Washer Thickness Tolerance (S3 tol.) +0.0 / -0.05
Mounting Hole Dia. (dm) 1.50 mm
Mounting Hole Pitch Dia. (dp) 18
Housing Counterbore Depth (Ha) 1.0 mm
Housing Counterbore Depth Tolerance (Ha tol.) +0.2 / -0.2
Housing Counterbore Diameter, Nominal (HD) 24.00 mm
Housing Counterbore Diameter Tolerance (HD tol.) +0.12 / -0.0
Material Molded plastic with self lubricating resins.