ASTCRG-120135-120 filament wound self-lubricating bearing drawings
  1. This bearing should not be lubricated.
  2. Please review the technical information on the requirements for the mating shaft.
  3. See the ASTCR Product information for the other available liner materials.

ASTCRG-120135-120 Filament Wound Self-lubricating Bearing

Model: ASTCRG-120135-120

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Product Details

Bearing Type filament wound
Shaft Dia., Nominal (d) 120.000 mm
Shaft Size (ds) 120 +0 / -0.035
Housing Bore Dia. (Dh) 135 +0.040 / -0
Bearing Outside Diameter, Nominal(Do) 135.00 mm
Bearing Outside Diameter Tolerance (Do tol.) 135 +0.165 / +0.090
Average Clearance (Cd) 0.108 mm
Bearing Length, Nominal (B) 120.00 mm
Bearing Length Tolerance (B tol.) +0 / -0.5
Material Epoxy resin shell with PTFE fiber and lubricant liner