AST50 03IB06 bushing drawings
  1. This bearing can be used dry or with lubrication.
  2. Please review the technical information on the requirements for the mating shaft.

AST50_03IB06 Inch Series Bushing

Model: AST50 03IB06

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Product Details

Bearing Type straight
Shaft Dia., Nominal (d) 0.1875 in
Shaft Size (ds) 0.1865 - 0.1858
Housing Bore Dia. (Dh) 0.2503 - 0.2497
Bearing Bore after Mounting (di) 0.1893 - 0.1867
Average Clearance (Cd) 0.0018 in
Wall Thickness (S3) 0.032 in
Bearing Length, Nominal (B) 0.375 in
Bearing Length Tolerance (B tol.) +.010 / -0.010
OD Chamfer Length (Co) 0.019 in
ID Chamfer Angle (B deg.) 30 in
ID Chamfer Length (Ci) 0.010 in
Material Carbon steel shell with PTFE / Fiber lining