AST11 Bronze backed, Bronze with PTFE Series - Metric
AST20 - Steel Shell with POM Plastic Liner - Inch and Metric
AST40 Steel Bronze with PTFE/Fibre Series - Metric
AST50 - Steel shell, Bronze powder with PTFE fibre - Inch and Metric
AST090 Wrapped Bronze Series - Metric
ASTT90 Wrapped Bronze with thru holes Series - Metric
AST650 Cast Bronze with solid lubricant plugs - Metric
AST800 Bimetal Wrapped Steel with Bronze Series - Metric
AST850BM Metal Backed Bronze Powder and Solid Lubricants Series - Metric
AST850SM Metal Backed Bronze Powder and Graphite Series - Metric
ASTEPB Injection Molded Thermoplastic Series - Metric
Filament Wound Self-lubricating Bearings