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Bearing Considerations in Handheld Power Tools: Lubrication

This installment is part four of a five-part series on bearings in power tools. To catch up, see the following:

Industry Introduction

Noise and Vibration

Temperatures and Materials

Bearing performance in power hand tool applications depend heavily on proper lubrication in terms of both type and amount. However, lubricant selection could be the specification most overlooked by designers and engineers.

In most cases, the smaller bearings used in power hand tools are lubricated once for the life time of the device. Thousands of greases and oils are available that are designed to function in a variety of conditions and environments.

Operating temperature is the primary consideration when selecting a lubricant. Temperature directly impacts the base oil’s viscosity which in turn impacts the ability to support loads.

Due to the wide array of products along with price and availability, both a lubrication specialist and the bearing manufacturer should be consulted before making a final lubricant selection.

Need assistance selecting the proper lubrication for your application? Our bearing experts are eager to help, contact them here.

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