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Tight Race – Part 2

May 1, 2020 by Christine Berlly

With its extensive offering of thin section ball bearings, AST helped two manufacturers of wall monitor arms used in healthcare applications achieve more reliable positioning and more durable mechanisms.

The following is part two of a two-part post. Read part one HERE.

An innovative mid-size company…

Again, seeking to redesign an existing product, a modified setup was applied to a second manufacturer whose monitor arm was required to hold two monitors with a light at its endpoint. “They had an existing lighting system in the operating room, and they needed to introduce a brighter light — a fixture with additional light heads attached,” Fergus said.

Eliminating shadows was paramount, which required the ability to precisely position the arm. But with the additional lights and weight, the load was too heavy for its existing arm.

AST engineers again recommended thin section ball bearings. Its 6700 series assemblies are exceptionally thin, the ideal configuration for the existing arms and its dimensional constraints (the manufacturer was unwilling to redesign the monitor arm).

Testing, one, two, three
After exhaustive testing for both clients, the thin section bearings proved successful and durable. “Testing was critical because the healthcare settings required thousands of cycles,” Fergus said. “It’s extremely expensive to make a service call into a surgical room or hospital.”

Innovative Thinking. Innovative Solution.
AST offers a complete line of thin section bearings and the engineering expertise to specify and apply them correctly.

For AST, it’s not always about steering a client to an existing product; rather, it’s finding a solution that solves a unique challenge that is the distinguishing AST value proposition. And it’s this ability and willingness to assess a problem and consider customer requirements (and limitations) before developing a solution that distinguishes AST as an industry leader in ball bearing technology.

AST has developed a global network of partner manufacturers who will produce customized designs — unusual in the industry — ensuring the optimal performance of its customers’ products.

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