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  1. To read part I (introduction) of this series, click here. To read part II (regulatory environment and safety) of this series, click here. Lubricant selection is critical to bearing performance and life, yet it is often overlooked by designers and engineers. Bearing life in the harsh environments found in food processing depends on proper lubrication…

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    November 30 2015
  2. To read part I of this series, click here. Reliable, efficient machinery combined with technology play a key role in the food processing industry. Regardless of the industry segment, equipment must be designed to withstand the rigors and safety constraints of the food processing industry. Bearings are critical components in food processing machinery, and decisions…

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    November 13 2015
  3. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, food manufacturing, beverage production and tobacco products, when combined, form the largest single industry within the U.S. manufacturing sector. Food manufacturing by itself accounts for over 80% of the shipments within these industries. Food manufacturers are distinguished by the raw materials (usually livestock and agricultural products) that they…

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    November 2 2015