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Sub-Assembly Spotlight: Timing Belt Idler

August 21, 2015 by Christine Berlly

Timing_Belt_Idler_AssemblyAST goes beyond supplying standard bearings, we also provide precision mechanical sub-assemblies. One example is our timing belt idler assembly, which comes ready to install.

The timing belt idler included a series of timing pulley idler assemblies and rotary assemblies that incorporate precision bearings and components. The assemblies are used for applying pretension to timing belts in positioning systems and include two flanged miniature stainless-steel bearings pre-loaded with a wave spring, stainless steel shaft, and aluminum housing. Pulleys are available to accommodate various pitches and belt widths.

timing-belt-idler-diagramThe assembly details are as follows:

• Bearings: Two flanged miniature series made of stainless steel.
• Shaft: Stainless Steel pre-loaded with wave spring
• Housing and Pulley: Anodized aluminum

The end result of our initial implementation of this particular timing belt idler assembly was effectively and efficiently used in an Electronic Media Storage System.

Further AST Sub-Assembly Information

AST specializes in rotary assemblies that incorporate precision bearings and components manufactured to the most exacting specifications. AST can conduct design reviews and provide assemblies manufactured to your specifications or ours. Our highly skilled technicians know the correct way to handle and install bearings, and can provide you with a more reliable assembly at a significant cost savings.

AST Mechanical Sub-Assembly Capabilities

• Tight tolerance machining, castings, injection molding
• Component materials: metals (various alloys) and plastics
• Specialty materials and lubricants
• Protective Coatings
• Commercial or super-precision bearings with precise quantities of lubrication

AST Mechanical Sub-Assembly Services

• Bearing engineering expertise (CAD drawings provided upon request)
• Contract assembly
• Class 100 and Class 10,000 assembly and test environments
• Product inspection and testing
• World-class bearing laboratory
• Low-cost sourcing

Let AST quote your next mechanical assembly requirement. We have already helped our customers in industries including:

• Office & Factory Automation
• Scientific and Medical Instrumentation
• Robotics
• Currency Counters
• Automotive
• Process Control

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