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The Importance of Correct Fitting for Radial Ball Bearings

May 29, 2015 by Christine Berlly

single_row_deep_groove_bSelecting the proper shaft and housing fit is critical in optimizing a radial ball bearing’s performance and life.

A bearing can only perform to its full capacity when it is correctly fitted on the shaft and in the housing. Conversely, improper bearing fits, too loose or too tight, can lead to undesirable operating conditions and early failure.

Problems with fits that are too loose include, damage to the bearing seat, excessive wear, noise, vibration, and reduced rotational accuracy. Problems with fits that are too tight include reduction in radial play, overheating, unintended preload, and heavy mounting forces (or dis-mounting) are required.

Looking for more ball bearing information? We host a number of technical papers on this website found in our Resource Center, including the following:

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