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Tips for Proper Bearing Handling

December 12, 2014 by Christine Berlly

Cleanroom_with_Class-100_Work_Benches_at_AST_BearingsProper bearing handling is an often overlooked but necessary precaution to prevent bearing failures. AST has created a list to ensure that you are prepared to take handling into account, and avoid costly mistakes.

Ball bearings are precise mechanisms which, in many cases, have geometrical tolerances measured in millionths of an inch. When handling, inspecting or mounting bearings, one should treat them as precision instruments. Most bearing failures are caused by the user’s poor handling techniques.

Foreign particulate matter entering a bearing shortens its life, and provides a number of unsatisfactory operating conditions, including increased noise, increased friction, ball skidding, increased heat, lessened lubrication life and more.

AST Bearings’ team of tribologists have created a list detailing some common mistakes and misconceptions involving proper bearing handling, and the steps that you can take to avoid contamination and faulty bearings. For instance, did you know that moisture and acid from hands can cause a bearing to corrode? Or that cleaning housings with shop rags or cotton swabs will contribute to contamination? To read the list, click here.

And remember, our team is at your disposal for questions like this. AST’s commitment to Value Beyond the Part means that we go above offering an excellent selection and pricing options, we make sure that you receive the right part for your unique application. To contact our experts, click here.

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