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What’s the best bearing lubricant?

November 14, 2014 by Christine Berlly

Grease (1)At AST, our bearing experts and engineers are often asked about the “best” lubricant. The answer is, “It really depends.”

The selection of the best bearing lubricant (whether grease or oil) will depend on the application conditions. With a wide variety of greases and oils available, solutions are available for most applications; however, there is no perfect grease whether natural, synthetic, micro-filtered or otherwise.

Every grease has strengths and weaknesses in its performance and consequential monetary costs. For example, high temperature greases typically can’t handle high loads very well. “Quiet” greases may break down at high temperatures.

Additives have benefits but some drawbacks as well. So there is no single best grease for bearings; it really comes down to the application and what characteristics are most important (and which are less).
The tribologists at AST Bearings can help you select the best bearing grease (or oil) for your application. More about bearing lubrication can be found on our website:
Lubrication and Relubrication – Web page
MicroGrade Grease Plating™ Process – Web page
Bearing Lubrication – Types, Methods, and Shelf Life – White Paper

And remember, our team is at your disposal for questions like this. AST’s commitment to Value Beyond the Part means that we go above offering an excellent selection and pricing options, we make sure that you receive the right part for your unique application. To contact our experts, click here.

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