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AST Value Beyond the Part: Quality Inspection and Product Verification

August 8, 2014 by Christine Berlly

Video_Microscope_at_AST_BearingsAST has the equipment and experience to provide expert quality inspection and product verification services on the bearings we provide, and third party bearings.

Having the right tool for the job can make all the difference, and AST has made a commitment to staying on the cutting-edge of industry technology. Our facilities include:

• Tool and Gauge Calibration System conforming to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1
• Electronic Air Gauges with a resolution of ten millionths of an inch.
• Vertical Comparators with digital amplifiers with a resolution of one millionth of an inch.
• “GRW” Noise Tester
• Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf 50 Profile Analyzer
• Large bore noise and vibration analyzer
• Electronic Balances
• Digital and dial vernier calipers
• Stereo Microscopes with digital video output
• Radial Play Gauges with a resolution of twenty millionths of an inch.
• Mitutoyo No 192-140 12” Vertical Height Gage.
• Starrett Grade A – Inspection Level Granite Surface Plate.
• Inch & Metric, Grade 2, Gauge Block Sets.
• One Model 4TTA Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester
• Miniature and Instrument Bearing Torque Tester
• Plug Gauges
• Dial Indicators
• Digital Micrometers
• Barden Smoothrator

Being at the forefront of innovation means little without the personnel to take advantage of technology. That’s why AST employs a team of trained engineers and bearing specialists able to operate these tools, interpret results and communicate with you, the customer.

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