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Packaging Solutions for Your Precious Cargo

July 9, 2014 by Christine Berlly

Custom_Packaging-from_AST_BearingsPackaging solutions are an often over-looked, yet integral, aspect of the buying process. At AST Bearings, we are committed to providing secure and cost-efficient packaging solutions to ensure the most essential protection and preservation of our products.

To ensure the highest quality packaging options AST employs a range of capabilities.

Coin wraps – plastic-faced brown paper rolls – are often used with larger bearings, while miniature  and instrument bearings often clear, sealed plastic vial packs.

Using pill packs, bearings are individually packaged in plastic compartments and can include number, lubrication and date markings on the face of each compartment.

In a kraft foil pack, each bearing is sealed in a plastic bag which is then hermetically sealed in a kraft foil bag, and in a blister pack each bearing is hermetically sealed in a plastic bubble.

Another option would be to place each bearing in an individual plastic bag or plastic-faced brown paper and then placed in individual boxes, each box labeled with information per your request.

We understand that every order and customer is unique, and can work with you to find the custom packaging that is right for your order. Contact us today and let us show you how AST’s Value Beyond the Part applies to every side of our business, including packaging!

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