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VIDEO: The Complexity of Bearing Lubrication

January 17, 2012 by Paul Wharton
John Wallace - Bearing Lubrication Interview

John Wallace, VP of Operations for AST Bearings talks about bearing lubrication.

An interview by Machine Design Magazine’s editor Lee Teschler with AST Bearing’s VP of Operations, John Wallace talking about the complexities of bearing lubrication and many of the solutions available. The link below will take you to Machine Design Magazine’s website for the actual video:


Bearing Lubrication Services and Resources

To learn more about AST Bearings’ lubrication services, please visit: Bearing Lubrication and Relubrication/Re-lube Services at: www.ASTBearings.com/Lubrication.html

We also have a white paper available about Bearing Lubrication downloadable free-of-charge at: www.ASTBearings.com/Bearing-Lubrication.html


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