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Category: Outer Lubrication

  1. This spherical plain bearing has a two piece carbon steel outer ring with a PTFE composite liner, split circumfrentially, held together with screws, the inner ring is chrome plated.
  2. This spherical plain bearing requires grease lubrication. The outer ring has a groove and holes.
  3. The bearing must be protected from dirt and contamination.
Attributes Values
Bearing Type standard
Bore Dia (d) 140.0000
Outer Dia (D) 210.0000
Outer Width (Bo) 95.0000
Inner Width (Bi) 100.0000
Dynamic Load Rating (Cr) 1,750,000
Static Load Rating (Cor) 3,500,000
Max. shaft corner radius, or 45 deg. chamfer (ch1) 1.000
Max. housing corner radius, or 45 deg. chamfer (ch) 1.000
Spherical Diameter (dk or Dk) 185.000
Mis-alignment Angle (a deg.) 2
Weight (g) 14,600.00
Material Outer ring made from carbon steel, inner ring 52100 chrome steel or equivalent
Additional Information
Tolerances and Precision
Internal Clearance
Fitting and Mounting
Load and Life Calculation Information
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