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AST40 1512

Category: AST40 Steel Bronze with PTFE/Fibre Series - Metric

  1. This bearing can be used dry or with lubrication.
  2. Please review the technical information on the requirements for the mating shaft.
Attributes Values
Bearing Type straight
Shaft Dia., Nominal (d) 15.0000
Shaft Size (ds) 15 -0.016 / -0.034
Housing Bore Dia. (Dh) 17 +0.018 / +0
Bearing Outside Diameter, Nominal(Do) 17.000
Bearing Outside Diameter Tolerance (Do tol.) 17.065 / 17.03
Bearing Bore after Mounting (di) 15.058 / 14.99
Average Clearance (Cd) 0.0490
Wall Thickness (S3) 1.005
Bearing Length, Nominal (B) 12.000
Bearing Length Tolerance (B tol.) +0 / -0.30
OD Chamfer Length (Co) 0.600
ID Chamfer Angle (B deg.) 30
ID Chamfer Length (Ci) 0.300
Material Steel shell with PTFE / Polymer Fiber lining
Additional Information
Tolerances and Precision
Internal Clearance
Fitting and Mounting
Load and Life Calculation Information
eDrawings file (.ePRT, eASM)
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