AST11 F15170  bronze bushing drawings
  1. This bearing can be used dry or with lubrication.
  2. Please review the technical information on the requirements for the mating shaft.

AST11_F15170 Bronze backed Bushing

Model: AST11 F15170

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Product Details

Bearing Type flanged
Shaft Dia., Nominal (d) 15.000 mm
Shaft Size (ds) 15 -0.016 / -0.034 in
Housing Bore Dia. (Dh) 17 +0.018 / +0 mm
Bearing Outside Diameter, Nominal(Do) 17.00 mm
Bearing Outside Diameter Tolerance (Do tol.) 17.065 / 17.03 mm
Bearing Bore after Mounting (di) 15.058 / 14.99 mm
Average Clearance (Cd) 0.049 mm
Wall Thickness (S3) 1.01 mm
Bearing Length, Nominal (B) 17.00 mm
Bearing Length Tolerance (B tol.) +0.25 / -0.25
OD Chamfer Length (Co) 0.60 mm
ID Chamfer Angle (B deg.) 30 mm
ID Chamfer Length (Ci) 0.30 mm
Flange Dia. (Dfl pm 0.5) 23.00 mm
Flange Radius (rfl) 1.00 mm
Material Bronze shell with PTFE / Fiber lining