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  1. Bearings in Encoders Part V: Lubrication
    Our final entry into bearing design in encoders, learn how lubrication plays a key role in bearing life and performance.

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    January 6 2017
  2. For part I click here For part II click here For part III click here Encoders are used in such a wide array of equipment that they can be found almost anywhere. These include oil rig platforms in the North Sea, mining equipment in Africa and the International Space Station in orbit above the earth….

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    December 22 2016
  3. For part I click here For part II click here Bearing preload is critical in encoder spindle designs. Preload is the application of an axial load across a pair of bearings that removes the free internal clearance (or looseness) that is present in each bearing by design. In an encoder application, this preload forces the…

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    December 9 2016